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Amanda Knox Returns Home to Seattle

Posted in amanda knox by femalecelebrities000 on October 5, 2011

Amanda finally came home. She’s been thru something most people will never experience. There’s talk about a book deal, but right now she said she just wants to be with her family. She’s going to have to get used to all this freedom. Her room must be bigger than that cell and there are no bars. She can have have almost any kind of food she wants any time. She can go outside & go almost any where, but if she’s seen she’ll probably be asked for autographs or questions about what happened or what she’s going to do now. I bet even strangers on the street are going to say “Hi, Amanda. Welcome back.” I think Hugh Hefner would like to have her pose in Playboy. That would be a popular issue.

Amanda Knox News Conference Seattle Washington (10-4-2011) CNN News Report